I'm a stickler for design, and

have been for more than three decades. From Modern Dance to Interior Architecture, all my life

experiences has led up to this

very moment...

and the moment is NOW


​Make something BEAUTIFUL...

and make it your OWN. 

Devoted to Color© Copyright 2014 All rights reserved.

Devoted To Color

It's all about...

I am...

Devoted To Color


Obsessed with Design

A Creative Visualizer

Playing with PURE liquid color,

Immersed in colorful thoughts 

in flux,  flowing 

always moving 

MORE than you think

 creating art that is beautiful,

yet functional. It's about sharing

a passion for line, rhythm, texture...COLOR!

From the moment of birth,  

a creative idea has a journey 

to travel.

Devoted To Color walks,

wanders, sometimes runs and 

always discovers something

new along the way. Welcome to 

my world, my fascination

with COLOR.